Animated Construction: MEGALOMANIA by Jonathan Gales

light-66520_640Jonathan Gales is a film maker and designer specializing in architectural subjects. He is also a founding member of Factory Fifteen, “a creative studio that works in film direction, production design, visual effects and architectural communication”. This film, MEGALOMANIA, is the final film from his Masters work in architecture at The Bartlett, University College London. It features cutting edge CGI animation of an urban environment in disarray. The city of London pictured here has become so wrapped up in construction that it seems unsure whether it is creating or destroying itself. Structures spring up in strange places, such as small homes clustering upon the London Eye, and buildings that appear sound are demolished amongst the skeletons of buildings under construction. MEGALOMANIA was inspired by the perpetually unfinished state of cities all over the world and the constant building up and tearing down of structures. Impressive and thought-provoking.

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