A World of Eyes: The Macrophotography of Suren Manvelyan

make-up-64172_150Armenian photographer Suren Manvelyan shook the photography world in 2012 with his extreme closeups of human eyes. The images of Your Beautiful Eyes reveal a landscape that is otherworldly, calling up thoughts of things we might find underwater or in outer space.  Macrophotography is one of Manvelyan’s passions, and he is back with two albums of animal eyes. They contain a stunning variety: eyes of fish, invertebrates, mammals, birds, and reptiles. The first gallery can be found here and the second here. Most of these animals reside at the Yerevan Zoo in Armenia’s capital. From the glassy eyes of fish to the ornate eyes of the llama and camel, from reptilian eyes with their pronounced slits to those of the Rhesus monkey (Macaca rezus) which look very much like our own, there is an astonishing amount of beauty in these images.

Suren Manvelyan has been a professional photographer since 2006. Prior to that he was a scientist, with a Ph.D in Theoretical Physics from Yerevan State University. He was also a recipient of the Presidential Award of the Republic of Armenia in 2002 for his investigations in the field of quantum technology.

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