A Winsome Robot: The Animated Robot Band from Machinarium

© Amanita Designs used in accordance with Fair Use Policy
© Amanita Design used in accordance with Fair Use Policy

It seems that video games are becoming more and more creative and artistic. Machinarium is an adventure game developed by Amanita Design. A robot called Josef must reassemble himself after being tossed out on a scrapheap and set off for the city, running into puzzles and brain teasers on the way. Josef is named after Josef Čapek, who coined the term robot.

Here is an artistic touch, the song Robot Band, featuring Josef dancing with a small band of characters: one playing didgeridoo; one playing something that looks rather like a saxophone, but sounds like a clarinet; and one playing the drums. It’s a catchy little tune that is played well and the graphic is absolutely enchanting. Who wouldn’t want to play?

Video via MikescCZ on Youtube.

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