A Darker Shade of Blue: Andrea Gibson’s Blue Blanket

© Generation Progress with CCLicense
© Generation Progress with CCLicense

Andrea Gibson is a poet, activist and one of the most powerful poetry performers of today. Her impassioned recitation and stirring fearlessness in subject matter have garnered her a fourth place finish at the 2004 National Poetry Slam, third place at both the 2006 and 2007 Individual World Poetry Slams and first place in the Women of the World Poetry Slam. Her poetry focuses on what it means to be human, with a heavy emphasis on gender and social injustice. A very committed thinker and crusader for human rights, Gibson often performs at LGBT events and Anti-war rallies.

The poem featured in the video below is from her album entitled Storm. It is a passionate piece that gives voice to a woman who has been raped. We may not be ready to hear voices like these, but we pay a very high price if we encourage them to be silent.

Video via Faux Pas Productions on YouTube.

Synkroniciti feels a deep sisterhood with this piece and with Gibson after producing our own video poem, Alouette, which brings up many of the same feelings. You can see it on our Video Page.

Gibson has published several books of poetry, including Trees that Grow in CemeteriesYellow BirdWhat the Yarn Knows of Sweaters, and Pole Dancing to Gospel Hymns as well as numerous albums, such as Bullets and Windchimes, Swarm, When the bough breaksYellowbird, and Flower Boy. Her new album, Truce, is due in October.

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