Quote for Today: Alice Steinbach

I suspected, however, that I wasn't homesick for anything I would find at home when I returned. The longing was for what I wouldn't find: the past and all the people and places there were lost to me. ― Alice Steinbach, Without Reservations: The Travels of an Independent Woman

Quote for Today: Don DeLillo

It's a curious rite of passage, isn't it? Visit the old places. First you wonder how you lived so uncomplainingly in such cramped circumstances. The streets are narrower, the buildings smaller than you ever remembered. It's like coming back to Lilliput. --Don DeLillo, Underworld  

Quote for Today: Erich Maria Remarque

I lie down on many a station platform; I stand before many a soup kitchen; I squat on many a bench;--then at last the landscape becomes disturbing, mysterious, and familiar. It glides past the western windows with its villages, their thatched roofs like caps, pulled over the white-washed, half-timbered houses, its corn-fields, gleaming like mother-of-pearl … Continue reading Quote for Today: Erich Maria Remarque