Possessed by Violence: Valhalla Rising

Valhalla Rising is a complex and violent film, full of beautiful, savage images and scant dialogue. What actually happens onscreen? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gx2u4ZzhcmQ Nicolas Winding Refn's brutal tour-de-force Valhalla Rising stars Mads Mikkelsen as a mute killing machine owned by a Norse Chieftain. The Chieftain keeps him caged, barely seeing to his physical needs and trotting him … Continue reading Possessed by Violence: Valhalla Rising

Glimpses through the Ocean Fog: Selkie, A Sea Tale

How can we allow the arts to reveal deeper understanding? By releasing the desire to evaluate and cultivating enchantment. Over the holiday weekend I attended Divergence Vocal Theater's CD release concert, featuring Selkie, a sea tale, composed by Elliot Cole with a libretto by Misha Penton, at 4411 Montrose in the Houston Museum District. The … Continue reading Glimpses through the Ocean Fog: Selkie, A Sea Tale