Group Playdates

Are you interested in rubbing elbows with other creative people? Group Playdates provide a great opportunity for networking as well as a place to pick up skills and techniques. Synkroniciti welcomes you to try your hand at new media, polish your team building and empathic powers and, most of all, have some fun.

Admission is by donation.

  • Build a Faerie House, March 30, 2019: Bring your imagination and small scale construction skills as we share materials to make places for small creatures, real and imagined. This was one of Synkroniciti’s most successful gatherings and the last one to take place before the Tax Day Flood of 2016 took us offline for a few years. We are so excited to see it return this spring.
  • Poetry in Motion, April 27, 2019 An unusual and unpredictable marriage of movement and spoken word. We will react to poetry by moving. If you are a poet who would be interested in having your work “danced” please let us know.
  • Playing Around: Musical Improvisation, June 15, 2019: Experience the healing and release that can come from letting loose and playing with pitch, rhythm and timbre. If you are a musician, be ready to try a secondary “instrument”.