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  1. Quote for Today: Rumi

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    July 20, 2018 by katmcdaniel

    If you have not learned to be a passionate lover, do not count your life as lived. On the day …
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  2. Quote for Today: Andrea Gibson

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    December 26, 2015 by katmcdaniel

    it’s hard to watch the game we make of love, like everyone’s playing checkers with their scars, saying checkmate whenever …
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  3. Quote for Today: Terry Pratchett


    April 23, 2015 by katmcdaniel

    “I meant,” said Ipslore bitterly, “what is there in this world that truly makes living worthwhile?”   Death thought about …
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  4. Quote for Today: Rachel Naomi Remen


    July 29, 2014 by katmcdaniel

    Everybody is a story. When I was a child, people sat around kitchen tables and told their stories. We don’t …
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  5. Quote for Today: Eric Clapton

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    April 12, 2013 by katmcdaniel

    I just managed to convince my grandmother that it was a worth while [thing], that [it] was something to do, …
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