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  1. Quote for Today: Andrew Essex

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    March 23, 2018 by katmcdaniel

    Many of us were raised to think of abundance as something desirable. The cornucopia, the horn of plenty, the allure …
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  2. Quote for Today: Lloyd Alexander


    May 3, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    You must know nothing before you can learn something, and be empty before you can be filled. Is not the …
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  3. Quote for Today: Khang Kijarro Nguyen

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    April 17, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    The Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall, the walls surrounding a medieval castle: obsolete walls evoke nostalgia. Make your …
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  4. Quote for Today: Shel Silverstein


    September 16, 2014 by katmcdaniel

    Ol’ man Simon planted a diamond, Grew hisself a garden the likes of none. Sprouts all growin’, comin’ up glowin’, …
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  5. Quote for Today: Stephen King


    September 5, 2014 by katmcdaniel

    “That’s the beauty of music. They can’t get that from you…haven’t you ever felt that way about music?” “I played …
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  6. Quote for Today: Tom Waits


    August 13, 2013 by katmcdaniel

    My kids are starting to notice I’m a little different from the other dads. “Why don’t you have a straight …
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  7. Absurdities of the Modern Mask: No te metas a mi Facebook by Esteman

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    March 15, 2013 by katmcdaniel

    Facebook is one of the masks of modern culture, a place where we can reveal or hide ourselves. Social media …
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