Wind on the Water: Ocean Storm Simulation at GTC 2013

© brockeninaglory with CCLicense

© brockeninaglory with CCLicense

View the latest in ocean simulation as featured at the GPU Technology Conference last month, the real-time, Beaufort Scale simulator called WaveWorks by Nvidia. Programmers now have the ability to make waves respond to wind. If you saw the gorgeous film Life of Pi you have seen such technology in action.

More information is available here.

Video via PCGamesHardware on YouTube.

Quote for Today: Steven Pinker

Today’s ubiquitous, networked computers have an unprecedented ability to do mischief should they ever go to the bad. But the only mayhem comes from unpredictable chaos or from human malice in the form of viruses. We no longer worry about electronic serial killers or subversive silicon cabals because we are beginning to appreciate that malevolence—like vision, motor coordination, and common sense—does not come free with computation but has to be programmed in. …Aggression, like every other part of human behavior we take for granted, is a challenging engineering problem!
― Steven PinkerHow the Mind Works