Recreating Dreams: The “Surrealistic Pillow Project” – Photography by Ronen Goldman

Ronen Goldman is a photographer with a great deal of dedication who recreates scenes from his own dreams. You can take a look at his stunning work here. Profound, whimsical and often both at the same time, these other worldly images give us a look inside the mind of the dreamer.

Ronen Goldman, © Dana Zax with CCLicense

Ronen Goldman,
© Dana Zax with CCLicense

Goldman started this project while working on an idea for a cover for an independent music album (the photo with the guitars). You can find out more about his painstaking process, which creates about 4 images a year, in this interview from the Chase Jarvis Blog. Assembling and figuring out the shots while sticking to a budget and crew of himself and one other person is certainly a challenge, but the result is well worth it.