Quote for Today: Michael Meade


The only choice once your world has been torn apart is to find your genius and live with that. ‘Normal’ is out of the question. The healing for veterans, or anyone going through great tragedy, is finding your natural spirit and your genius that was waiting to be found. That can now become the cohering principle in your life. The idea of patching someone up and back into normal when they’ve had extremely abnormal experiences is a misunderstanding.
Michael Meade

Public Domain Image via Pixabay






Quote for Today: Jerry Spinelli

It’s in the morning, for most of us. It’s that time, those few seconds, when we’re coming out of sleep but we’re not really awake yet. For those few seconds we’re something more primitive than what we are about to become. We have just slept the sleep of our most distant ancestors, and something of them and their world still clings to us. For those few moments we are unformed, uncivilized. We are not the people we know as ourselves, but creatures more in tune with a tree than a keyboard. We are untitled, unnamed, natural, suspended between was and will be, the tadpole before the frog, the worm before the butterfly. We are for a few brief moments, anything and everything we could be. And then… and then– ah– we open our eyes and the day is before us and… we become ourselves.

The Art of Noise: Video Art from Nam June Paik

Video art is a relatively new artistic medium which came about in the 1960s and 70s. Unlike its close relative, film, it does not rely on theatrical convention. Video art is often devoid of actors, dialogue, and plot, focusing instead on the qualities of image and sound. Many video artists create large scale installations in which multiple television or computer screens are grouped together into a larger vision which may contain other artistic elements such as sculpture. One of the pioneers of video art was the Korean American artist Nam June Paik, featured in the video below from a retrospective of his work at the Tate Gallery Liverpool titled Noise.