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  1. Quote for Today: Stephen Batchelor

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    May 12, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    By identifying with a craving (‘I want this,” “don’t want’ that”), you tighten the clutch and intensify its resistance. Instead …
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  2. Quote for Today: Ava Jae

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    May 7, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    Emptiness felt like a living thing. A parasite growing in the center of your chest, somewhere behind your heart, taking …
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  3. Quote for Today: Ursula LeGuin

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    May 6, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    Bucket I feel so dreamy dreamy lazy, crazy sleepy like I want to be there in the doorway, the doorway …
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  4. Quote for Today: Ellen Hopkins

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    May 5, 2017 by katmcdaniel

    Empty is the perfect state of being. Nothing inside to anchor you. Nothing inside to chain you down, keep you …
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  5. Quote for Today: Grant Fairley

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    January 16, 2016 by katmcdaniel

    People who have lost relationships often wonder why they can’t just let it be “water under the¬†bridge.” It is water …
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  6. Quote for Today: Dave Eggers


    July 28, 2015 by katmcdaniel

      She needs a new journal. The one she has is problematic. To get to the present, she needs to …
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