Quote for Today: Jean-Christophe Valtat

© Zigomar with CCLicense

© Zigomar with CCLicense

The blizzard seemed to be dying down, and it was now possible to enjoy the sight of the buildings and embankments and bridges smothered in the diamond-dusted whiteness. There’s always something soothing in the snow, thought Gabriel, a promise of happiness and absolution, of a new start on a clean sheet. Snow redesigned the streets with hints of another architecture, even more magnificent, more fanciful than it already was, all spires and pinnacles on pale palaces of pearl and opal. All that New Venice should have been reappeared through its partial disappearance. It was as if the city were dreaming about itself and crystallizing both that dream and the ethereal unreality of it. He wallowed in the impression, badly needing it right now, knowing it would not last as he hobbled nearer to his destination.

Jean-Christophe ValtatAurorarama

Through the Autumn Mist: autumn by the lake by Bart van der Gaag

Prituri sa planinata

The mountain has collapsed
And captured two shepherds.
Two shepherds, two friends.
The first shepherd begs her:
“I have a wife who will weep over me.”
The second shepherd begs her:
“I have mother who will weep over me.”
The mountain replies:
“Oh, you shepherds,
A wife grieves from morning till noon but a mother grieves until death!”
The mountain has collapsed
And captured two shepherds.

Uppsala_in_SwedenPhotographer and filmmaker Bart van der Gaag shot this footage on an autumn morning by lake Fjällnora near Uppsala, Sweden. Evocative and misty shots shimmer to the haunting strains of Prituri sa planinata, a Thracian Bulgarian folk melody sung by the late singer Stefka Sabotinova. Breathtaking!

Depths of Noise: A Video from Nicolas Jaar

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Nicolas Jaar at the Rex Club, Paris       © Pascal Montary with CCLicense

This is a beautiful ethereal video called Noise, which shows electronic musician Nicolas Jaar in deep water to the strains of his Balance Her in Between Your Eyes. Lovely. There is a a fascinating interview with Nicolas Jaar from the Avant/Garde Diaries which can be found here. This young man does quite a bit of deep thinking which shapes his creative process.

Lyrics to Balance Her In Between Your Eyes :

You can try to find the star that made you – you can try to find that speck of light in your eye – you can look into and see the eye that made you – the light that made you – but you might as well make yourself at home balance at home – put both feet in the thin line of light – and look into the eye that made you – tell her you see her – balance her in between your eyes.

Balance Her In Between Your Eyes Lyrics from http://www.lyricsmania.com

Directed by Richard Parks / Produced by Callie Barlow & Bennett Barbakow / Director of Photography: Ian Takahashi / Gaffer: Josh Liberman / Production Assistance by Zoe Rüiz, Nick Lentz, & Jake Wolf Braitman / Edited by Bennett Barbakow / “Balance Her In Between Your Eyes” by Nicolas Jaar / Interview by Callie Barlow / Special thanks to Zuza Mazur & Simon Moore