Avoiding Another Bamiyan

The clock is running out for Mes Anyak, a 2000 year old archaeological site near Kabul in Afghanistan. In 2014 it will be destroyed by a Chinese copper mine, which will also make the land toxic. Please read the enlightening blog from Anarya Andir and consider signing the petition at the end of it. This should be stopped.

Restoring History: The Clock Tower of The Qishla of Baghdad

Clock tower of Qishla, Baghdad (PDI)

Public Domain Image via Wikipedia

The Qishla, or fortress, of Baghdad was built by the Ottoman Empire in 1855 as a headquarters for their troops in the region. The tower contains one of the oldest architectural clocks in the world. After the fall of the Ottomans in 1922, the building was converted into a serail, a living quarters for wives, concubines, and female relatives. Later it became part of the International Green Zone. The area was in disrepair after the Iraq War and there were few resources to rebuild it. Recent efforts are being made to restore this historical treasure, as well as others throughout Iraq, as a center for tourism and national pride. You can read more about the effort to restore the Qishla of Baghdad here.

What’s That Ticking? Clocks in Spielberg’s Lincoln

There are many things that go into the making of film that we, as viewers, never think about. Some of these require a great deal of thought and art to accomplish. Here is an interview with Gary Rydstrom, the sound re-recording mixer for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. Mr Rydstrom has worked on many movies with Spielberg since 1989 and has won seven Oscars. Among other things, he speaks about the presence of ticking clocks in Lincoln’s time and the use of the clock as metaphor, as well as the use of Lincoln’s actual pocket watch in the film.