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Open Mic: Building Bridges: The Power of Human Connection

February 20, 2016, 4:30pm 

These intimate evenings give creative people a chance to present their work in a supportive environment. Works may include but are not limited to short stories, poems, excerpts from novels, musical compositions, comedy routines, paintings, drawings, performance or visual art. We will also accept non original work that is on topic.

Please be prepared to introduce and/or perform your work, unless you make arrangements with us beforehand. Some pieces may be selected to be featured on the synkroniciti website after the event.

Euridice Revealed: Synkroniciti’s first Collaborative Project

Orpheus is well known for his epic journey to the land of death and back, but what about the shadowy woman who embarked upon that journey before he did? She must have been a true force of nature to inspire such devotion, and yet little is said about her, save that she was beautiful. What lies hidden away beneath that beauty? Based on a cycle of six poems by Katherine McDaniel, this collaborative project will engage a number of creative people from different disciplines to explore, create, and share the story of Euridice with an audience.

Synkroniciti is currently designing a crowd-funding campaign for the project. We will be contacting artists we have worked with during Open Mics and Playdates to be a part of the project, which will be developed during 2015 and 2016.


Experiencing the world through the arts and creativity.

Our current theme is perseverance.

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