Synkroniciti Soirées

These intimate evenings give creative people a chance to present original or curated work in a supportive, heckle free environment. Works are arranged loosely upon a theme, and may include but are not limited to short stories, poems, excerpts from novels, musical compositions, comedy routines, paintings, drawings, crafts, textiles, sculpture, performance or visual art. You don’t need to present anything to be present.

  • Saturday, September 21: Synkroniciti Magazine Reading Party:We released the first issue of Synkroniciti Magazine on August 30th and are excited to share and celebrate with you! Come hear artists read and show their creations. Featuring artists included in the magazine.


  • Saturday, November 9, 4pm: Intersections and Creativity: From the blending of artistic mediums to the recognition, merging, and collaboration of differing cultures, traditions and identities, we are looking to share artistic creations that cross boundaries, build bridges and create new territory. If you are an artist who wants to be an ally or an artist that wants to blend together traditional elements from very different sources, this is an event designed for you.  If you aren’t bringing anything, please consider making a donation.


  • Saturday, December 14, 4pm: Creating Calmness: The holidays can be stressful, especially with shopping, traffic and large gatherings of people. This event is designed to be a relaxing break from activity. If you have a piece of art, music, literature or anything remotely creative that makes you feel relaxed, please bring it along to share. Coloring books and crayons or pencils, pet rocks or crystals, even meditation cushions–if it makes you feel good, it’s welcome. If you aren’t bringing anything, please consider making a donation. Let’s create some good energy!


We are renovating our piano and are sorry to postpone our musical event until the Spring of 2020. We want to have the best instrument available.

Objects and Memory: Our memories are wrapped up in the objects of our lives. From furniture to artwork, toys to kitchen utensils, musical instruments to cars, these inanimate things have power and resonance. Let’s explore how they become so full of meaning. This evening will be the debut of our piano and will feature the debut of Daniel Zajicek’s brand new song cycle. If you have art, music, literature, or any creation that explores this theme, we would love to add you to the program. If you aren’t bringing anything, please consider making a donation.