Becoming Euridice

Becoming Euridice: Synkroniciti’s first Collaborative Project

Orpheus is well known for his epic journey to the land of death and back, but what about the shadowy woman who embarked upon that journey before he did? She must have been a true force of nature to inspire such devotion, and yet little is said about her, save that she was beautiful. Based on a cycle of poems by Katherine McDaniel, this immersive musical/theatrical chamber work is being designed by a fascinating team of female artists, consisting of Laura Bourdo, Tuba Suzadogru and Norola Morgan, and will engage a number of creative people from different disciplines to explore, create, and share the story of Euridice with an audience.

Becoming Euridice Brainstorms are by invitation only.

Synkroniciti will be designing a crowd-funding campaign for the project.