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Video is a powerful medium and can bring us such a variety of things, from inspiring artists and amazing natural phenomenon to haunting performances and brilliant animation. Today we feature the ten most popular videos of the past year. Synkroniciti is thankful that readers and viewers actually gave our video page enough hits to be part of this list. We are honored to be among such company and encourage you to watch Mirage and Alouette if you haven’t seen them.

10. A Darker Shade of Blue: Andrea Gibson’s Blue Blanket

Powerful performance poet Andrea Gibson gives voice to women who have been raped.

© Generation Progress with CCLicense
© Generation Progress with CCLicense

9. Dressing for Flight: Two Wingsuits over Rio

Two guys, two wingsuits, two GoPro cameras and the city of Rio de Janeiro.

CCLI by By Richard Schneider via Wikimedia Commons
© Richard Schneider with CCLicense

8. The Night Bird: Wazimbo’s Nwahulwana

Haunting performance by Wazimbo recorded when he didn’t realize the tape was running.

Night Bird © DarkVenusPersephonae with CCLicense
© DarkVenusPersephonae with CCLicense

7. Faking English: Skwerl by Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston

Ever wondered what English might sound like to a non-speaker?

© M. Adiputra with CCLicense
© M. Adiputra with CCLicense

6. Regaining Childlike Wonder: Clock from Korea’s Larva Cartoon Series

The most delightful and endearing little bugs ever. One of my readers tells me they play these on the buses in Seoul.


5. A Fable Timeless and Timely: Su Yang’s Phoenix

Folk music and new thoughts from a China in transition.

Phoenix Tears Image   by artist Kelly Lee  CC Licensed Image   via
© Kelly Lee with CCLicense

4. Coming of Age in Red and White: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s Furisodeshon

Kyary celebrates her Coming of Age Day in a style that isn’t traditional Japanese.

© Thesupermat with CCLicense
© Thesupermat with CCLicense

3. Tale of the Dreamtime: Waatji Pulyeri, The Blue Wren

Simple storytelling that will win your heart.

Waatji pulyeri  © JJ Harrison with CCLicense
© JJ Harrison with CCLicense

2. Revealing a Subterranean City: Pouring Cement in an Ant Hill

Digging up a giant African ant colony.

CCLI by Miguel San on Flickr
© Miguel San with CCLicense

1. Skill and Confidence: Dragon Painting from Nikko, Japan

Watch a dragon take shape before your eyes.

Two Dragons in Clouds by Kanō Hōgai

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