Top Ten Quotes of 2013

Last week we shared the most popular articles of the past year, as well as my personal favorites. Today we share the ten most popular quotes of 2013. Sometimes the popularity of a quote stems from the quote itself, sometimes from the image or, in the most rewarding cases, from the harmonious or surprising combination of the two. The most popular quote is also the most popular post on synkroniciti, with over 2,000 views.

Synkroniciti sends a big thank you to all of the wonderful artists who share their work through Creative Commons and Public Domain licenses, to creative people that speak their mind and paint with words, and to all those who stop by to view and comment. It’s been a great year of discovery!

10. Stephen King

Creative Commons Licensed Image by Jose Paulo Carvalho via Fotopedia
© Jose Paulo Carvalho Pereira with CCLicense

9. Seanan McGuire

Tango poster Public Domain

8. Leonardo da Vinci

Nomade by Jaume Plensa image © Phil Roeder with CCLicense
image © Phil Roeder with CCLicense

7. Maya Angelou

© Romana Correale with CCLicense
© Romana Correale with CCLicense

6. John Barrowman

© Khanelle Prod'Medias with CCLicense
© Khanelle Prod’Medias with CCLicense

5. Nick Nolte


4. Pablo Picasso

Operacion Guernica @ Hersson Piratioba with CCLicense
© Hersson Piratioba with CCLicense

3. Kate Elliott

Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss by Antonio Canova © Matt Chepeleff with CCLicense
image © Matt Chepeleff with CCLicense

2. Herman Melville

CCLI by Wing-Chi Poon on wikimedia commons
© Wing-Chi Poon with CCLicense

1. Jasper Johns

Jasper Johns: Zero to Nine Creative Commons Licensed Image by eliotc on Fotopedia
image © eliotc with CCLicense

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