Top Ten Most Viewed Quotes of 2018

2018 was a year of personal rebuilding and change for me; a year to listen and adjust. I have a new home, one that does not threaten to flood every time it rains, and a new Microsoft Surface laptop/tablet that simplifies my interactions on the internet and gives me new tools for creativity. 2019 looks to be a year of expanding horizons and experimentation for Synkroniciti. As no one can exhale without inhaling, no one can be creative for long without nourishment. 2018, thank you for nourishing and healing me.

Let me preface this collection by saying that trying to quantify the life of another by your own experience is neither possible nor worthwhile, although we all attempt it. For me, life is about discovering the person I was created to be and embracing both the darkness and light in that person. Dwelling on either the positive or negative creates an unbalanced personality. You will always find Synkroniciti eddying between darkness and light. Her dialogue helps me to be that person I was created to be and to take my part in helping the world to be what is meant to be.

Thanks for remaining with me while I posted less and took a somewhat darker tone this year. These are the quotes that drew your eye most. I will follow soon with a list of  my personal favorites.

10. Isobelle Carmody on dreams



9. Jocelyn Soriano on dealing with rejection



8. Philip Roth on the relationship between reality and fiction



7. Marie Rutkowski on metaphor



6. Miya Yamanouchi on reacting to desirability



5. Martin Seligman on flourishing



4. Mary Karr on moving from darkness to light



3. Latika Teotia on self encouragement 



2. James Baldwin on the value of pain



1.Viktor Frankl on dignity



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