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Our new “Intersections” issue, our fourteenth debuts November 30th. The marvelous cover is from “The Hidden Dimension II,” a multi-media installation and video by Sarah Choo Jing. 


Congratulations to the twenty-five artists selected for our upcoming “Intersections” issue! We were extremely pleased with the quality and depth of our submissions and are grateful to our fantastic contributors. You can pre-order your link here or subscribe.

Here are the artists:

Lorraine Arsenault, Poetry, New York, USA

I. Jay Asher, Short Play, Florida, USA

Geoffrey Baring, Short Story, Indiana, USA

R. Bremner, Poetry, New Jersey, USA

Adrián Caldera, Digital Art, Chihuahua, Mexico

Peter Dakutis, Short Play, Georgia, USA

Roméo Desmarais III, Poetry, Ontario, Canada

David Estringel, Poetry, Texas, USA

Diane Funston, Poetry, California, USA

Lori Lasseter Hamilton, Poetry, Alabama, USA *

Charlotte Hart, Poetry, Illinois, USA

Mark Hendrickson, Poetry, Iowa, USA

Lori Howe, Poetry, Wyoming, USA

Anne-Julie Hynes, Digital Art/Photography, Québec, Canada

Rachael Ikins, Poetry, New York, USA

Sarah Choo Jing, Video/Visual Art, Singapore *

Joan Leotta, Poetry, North Carolina, USA

Yolanda Movsessian, Digital Art, Texas, USA

D. Larissa Peters, Poetry, California, USA

Christopher X. Ryan, Short Story, Helsinki, Finland

Dr. Gerard Sarnat, Poetry, California, USA

John Sheirer, Flash Fiction, Massachusetts, USA

Margo Stutts Toombs, Essay, Texas, USA

Jonathan Yungkans, Poetry, California, USA

Aleza Zheng, Visual Art, California, USA/China

* winners of our “Intersections” contests

You can review our submission guidelines here. Submissions are now open for “Wild,” our fifteenth issue.

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Synchronicity is a term coined by Carl Jung that refers to “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.” This makes our focus eclectic, but we do have subjects that we favor:

The arts and creativity, the intersection of art and science, nature, social justice (pro feminism, pro GLBTQIA, pro Black Lives Matter and support for any opportunity to promote equality and respect across the lines of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion and economic status), mythology and storytelling, imagination and fantasy, dreams and their imagery, and personal and collaborative expression.