Mirage by Katherine McDaniel

The spoken word is very powerful, as are natural sounds: the sound of breath, of footsteps, of rain and wind. Mirage invites you to step into a world of distortion and hallucination, where one sound becomes another and images morph into something more. What waits within the desert canyon?

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Alouette, the Femmebot by Katherine McDaniel

Discarded, alone, and clearly malfunctioning, the Femmebot lies at the edge of sanity. Snatches of a child’s song, Alouette, terrorize her mind and bring up shreds of memory, the only identity she has left. Is she more than meets the eye?

Alouette, gentille Alouette, Alouette je te plumerai…
Lark, nice lark, Lark, I will pluck you…

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5 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Thank you! It is interesting to see the original idea change with the addition of new elements. I never know what pictures I will find until I search for them and often they have a greater impact than word choice. The folk tune was instrumental as well, and came into the process even later than the images.

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