Beloved’s Journey

This is where we archive the chapters of Beloved’s Journey by Katherine McDaniel. Sidelined by two floods, we hope to return to Beloved and her journey sometime in the future.

Chapter 1: Beloved

Republished 9/3/16

She doesn’t know where she is or who she is, but she knows she’s been running a long time. Meet our amnesiac protagonist as she meets the mysterious tower guardsman and begins to interact with the strange world around her and find her purpose there.

Chapter 2: Sable and Veracity

Republished 9/10/16

Waiting outside the tower are an unlikely duo. Supposing she can get out of the mysterious tower, what will they do to her?

Chapter 3: Welcome to The Inside

Republished 9/17/16

Beloved tries to get some answers from Sable and Veracity, but what she learns only makes her more confused.

Chapter 4: Journeys Begin

Published 9/24/16

Beloved and Veracity catch a ride while Sable journeys home.

Chapter 5: Zerzura

Published 10/1/16

Sable returns home to find that all is not well.

Chapter 6: A Conversation in the Desert

Published 10/8/16

Guiding Beloved proves to be a difficult task for Veracity.

Chapter 7: In Mother’s Garden

Finding herself in familiar surroundings, Beloved is surprised by the miracles she finds there.

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