Most Popular Articles of 2013

Today marks the anniversary of synkroniciti’s first blogpost, Inspiration and the Perfect Breath. Happy birthday to us! Our style and blog savvy has certainly grown. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

These are the ten most visited articles of the past 365 days. This list favors older posts, since they have been up longer. I will follow them with ten of my personal favorites that have not yet received as much traffic. The next few weeks will see similar lists for photoblogs, quotes and videos. Some of my favorite articles also qualify as photoblogs, so you’ll be seeing them on that list. Happy Reading!

Most Visited Articles of 2013:

Synkroniciti sends out a heartfelt thank you to the readers who have embraced them.

10. Warrior Dance: Maori Haka Peruperu from New Zealand

Examining the Maori tradition of the dance before battle.

© Tazerty with CCLicense
© Tazerty with CCLicense

8. We have a tie between two literary posts:

Visible and Invisible Chains: Toni Morrison’s Beloved

Not everyone’s chains are visible, but that doesn’t make them any less real.

© Publik15 with CCLicense
© Publik15 with CCLicense

Creating New Worlds: Frank Herbert’s Dune

Exploring the world of Dune, including its connections to the modern day Middle East.

The Lost Myth - Igor Mitoraj © grinwithoutacat with CCLicense
© grinwithoutacat with CCLicense

7. On Audience Interaction: Cyclea’s Comeplay Comply Arraycycle

Our first review and a meditation on the meaning of audience.

Comeplay Comply Arraycycle: Soundshape Forest  Image courtesy of Cyclea
Image courtesy of Cyclea

6. Into the Uncanny Valley: Hiroshi Ishiguro’s Geminoids and Telenoids

Exploring the creepiness of modern robots.

CCLI by Ars Electronica on Fotopedia
© Ars Electronica with CCLicense

5. The Absent Clock: Stephen King’s and Stanley Kubrick’s Versions of The Shining

Comparing Stephen King’s masterful novel and Stanley Kubrick’s classic film.

Danny Lloyd as Danny Torrance CCLI by quicheisinsane on Flickr
image © quicheisinsane with CCLicense

4. Startled by a Flock of Birds: Houston Ballet’s Murmuration

The most beautiful ballet performance I have ever seen and the natural phenomenon that inspired it.

© Walter Baxter with CCLicense
© Walter Baxter with CCLicense

3. Red Lights, Red Flags and Red Herrings: Chasing Synchronicity

Speaking of synchronicity with our customary blend of snarkiness and awe.

CCLI Image by "No Matter" Project on Flickr
© “No Matter” Project with CCLicense

2. Ridicule is Nothing to be Scared of: Adam Ant, Hero in the War Against Mental Illness

The story of a pop music icon and his struggles with Bipolar Disorder.

Adam Ant as the Blueback Hussar CCLI by LunixKing
© LunixKing with CCLicense

1. Seven Common Assumptions That Chain Creativity

Our most visited post is another snarky piece on the dangers of conformity.

CCLI by Vicodininja on deviant art
© Vicodininja with CCLicense

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