Featured Artist: Lori Lasseter Hamilton

Synkroniciti is excited to welcome back poet Lori Lasseter Hamilton from Birmingham, Alabama, with two expressive poems, Beyond the dentist’s windowpane and Barn Owl Exhibit. These poems explore the darker side of human interaction with birds. The first is a contemplation of the windowpane and how it allows us to view our flying neighbors while also posing a silent threat to them, while the second laments the injustice of a mighty animal sealed in a chamber behind glass for our viewing pleasure. Humans are not as civilized or as kind as we pretend to be and Lori exposes that and expresses her anguish that we aren’t better.

You will want to read Lori’s thoughtful and powerful poems, so please subscribe or purchase the issue here and we will send you a link. The issue, our ninth, debuted September 1st with the theme of “birds.”

Lori Lasseter Hamilton lives in Birmingham, Alabama, where, from her phone, she obsessively watches 1980s episodes of General Hospital featuring maniacal cave villains turning diamonds into weather machines and the Australian secret agents who stop them. In the late 1970s, the pre-teen Lori vacationed with her family and cousins once in a Panama City campground called “Venture Out,” smelling paper mills and watching the first Star Wars movie in a theater to escape the rain. Hyped up on cough medicine after getting a cold, she walked around the campground and sang “Venture Out, Venture Out!” at the top of her lungs, a song that had only ever played in her mind.

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