Featured Artist: Dr. Sara Collie

Synkroniciti is pleased to welcome back the magical and introspective voice of writer Dr. Sara Collie, this time with an evocative poem, “Flight Lines: A Triptych.” She takes us backward in time, each stanza devoted to her self at an earlier age: twenty-seven, seventeen and seven. We see how personal empowerment waxes and wanes and changes over the years of a young woman’s life. Self-awareness is double-edged, giving one form of power as it takes away another. As we age, we develop heaviness in different parts of our psyche, which interferes with our childhood dream of freedom and flight. How do we reach that potential?

Don’t miss Sara’s vulnerable and moving poem. You can find it in the “Empowered” Issue of our online magazine, available here. You can subscribe or order the issue, debuting September 1, 2022.

Dr. Sara Collie is a writer, language tutor and wandering soul living in Cambridge, England. She has a PhD in French Literature and a lifelong fascination with the way that words and stories shape and define us. Her writing explores the wild, uncertain spaces of nature, the complexities of mental health, and the mysteries of the creative process.

Sara’s poetry and prose have appeared in various literary journals and anthologies including Neon Door, The Selkie, Confluence, Flora Fiction and Stonecrop Review. She is currently working on her first poetry collection and a memoir about her experiences hiking across the Pyrenees.

Take a look at Sara’s website.

You can read A wonderful piece about Mary Oliver by Sara in Stonecrop Review. It’s on page 53 of the actual journal, which is page 28 of the e-book.

For the next month, you can also read Plant(s) Matter from Synkroniciti’s “Ritual” Issue. You can also purchase the entire issue here. Look for Jack Freedman’s fiery Cauldron on the cover.

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