Eye Candy and Brain Food: Most Popular Photoblogs of 2013

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is a selection of the most popular photoblogs that originated at synkroniciti in 2013. These posts wouldn’t be much without the images that inspired them and illuminate them. Many of them are among my favorite posts. Enjoy!

10. Prussian Blue and Early Photography: Following Synchronicity From Diesbach to Anna Atkins

Cutting corners in the lab leads to a discovery which changes art and science forever.

© SFMOMA with CCLicense

9. Spirits of Earth and Water: Heligan, Eden and Mud Sculpture in Cornwall

The science of gardening meets the whimsy of art in the Cornish countryside.

Eve, The Eden Project © KathrynW1 with CCLicense
© KathrynW1 with CCLicense

8. Creativity and Eternity: The Aboriginal Dreamtime

Exploring the relationship between reality, imagination and creativity. My absolute favorite post on synkroniciti.

Manhole cover in Perth, Australia © Ole Reidar Johansen with CCLicense
© Ole Reidar Johansen with CCLicense

7. Fooling the Eye: Art Installations by Felice Varini

Marveling at Felice Varini’s wild art installations that mimic digital effects.

© erin williamson with CCLicense
© erin williamson with CCLicense

6. Desert Light: Photos from Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Perfect light in one of my favorite places.

Along the Waterpocket Fold

5. Hallucinations of Polka Dots: The Work of Yayoi Kusama

In awe of this woman who turns her struggles into art.

© JournalDesVitrines.com with CCLicense
© JournalDesVitrines.com with CCLicense

4. From Cave to Palace: Mocárabe in Architecture

Look up to see imagination gone wild, inspired by nature with the help of geometry.

Sala de los Dos Hermanas,  Alhambra, Granada, Spain © Antonio M. Mora García with CCLicense
© Antonio M. Mora García with CCLicense

3. A Woman with a Persistent Question: Maria Sibylla Merian and Insect Metamorphosis

Correcting prejudice and bad science through observation and artistic representation.

© peacay with CCLicense
© peacay with CCLicense

2. Time to Play With Your Food: The Art of Bento

Redefining beautiful food.

© Thomas Bertrand with CCLicense
© Thomas Bertrand with CCLicense

1. Well-funded Imagination: Seven Futuristic Cities of Asia

The city of the future is being built today in Asia.

© Speedhawq with CCLicense
© Speedhawq with CCLicense

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