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Synkroniciti creates collaborative projects open to artists of any discipline working in any medium.



From Individual Explorations and Group Playdates to Open Mics and Collaborative Projects, we have something for you. Here is a list of the opportunities we offer.

Explore ~ Create ~ Share


Open Mics: 

Exploring Earth, Saturday, April 25th, 2015 at 4pm

These intimate evenings give creative people a chance to present original work in a supportive, heckle free environment. Original works are arranged loosely upon a theme, and may include but are not limited to short stories, poems, excerpts from novels, musical compositions, comedy routines, paintings, drawings, performance or visual art. As of 2015, Open Mics are free to both performers and listeners, although donations are accepted and encouraged. They are by invitation only; contact us if you would like to participate.

Past Open Mics have included Beginnings, Gratitude and The Journey.


Individual Explorations:

Beginning January 2015

Synkroniciti wants to help you realize your vision.  Do you have a tune or a story in your head which you always wanted to write down, but don’t know where to start? Are you feeling stuck in your creative life? Have you always wanted to try painting, writing poetry, or whatever but are too intimidated to start something on your own? We are here for you, ready to improve your abilities to organize and improvise.

Interview consultations are free. Contact us and we will meet with you to discuss your wants and needs. We will then craft a plan for you. If you like our plan, we will negotiate a price for you based on the services we can offer which you need.


Group Playdates:

Build a Faerie House, Event will be rescheduled TBA.  Contact us for directions. There is no charge for this event.

Are you interested in rubbing elbows with other creative people? This is a great opportunity for networking as well as a place to pick up skills and techniques. Synkroniciti welcomes you to try your hand at new media, polish your team building and empathic powers and, most of all, have some fun.


Collaborative Projects:

Project assembling in 2015-16

Synkroniciti is looking for generous artists that are interested in working together to juxtapose their creative talents around a central theme and story. Artists who are interested in working with us should consider attending Open Mics and Playdates. The experience culminates in a ticketed multimedia performance event and installation. We encourage work that involves the audience as part of the creative community.

The first project will be Euridice Revealed.

Orpheus is well known for his epic journey to the land of death and back, but what about the shadowy woman who embarked upon that journey before he did? She must have been a true force of nature to inspire such devotion, and yet little is said about her, save that she was beautiful. What lies hidden away beneath that beauty? Based on a cycle of six poems by Katherine McDaniel, this collaborative project will engage a number of creative people from different disciplines to explore, create, and share the story of Euridice with an audience.

Synkroniciti is currently designing a crowd-funding campaign for the project. We will be accepting applications for creatives interested in working on Euridice after the first phase of crowd funding has been completed. It is our goal to support these events through crowd-funding so that artists will not pay to perform or create.

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Experiencing the world through the arts and creativity.

Our current theme is perseverance.

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