A Synkroniciti Top Ten: Most Popular Videos of 2014

Tickling the fancy, stirring the soul and stimulating thought, synkroniciti’s most viewed videos of 2014 are here for your enjoyment.

These ten videos received the most hits over the past year. I have also included one that didn’t get very many views, but remains one of my favorites.

Click on titles to read the blog posts associated with the videos. All of these videos feature creative people that have put their work up on YouTube or Vimeo and are not produced by or affiliated with synkroniciti. I am grateful to those artists and pleased to be able to comment on and share their work.

10. No Home in this World Anymore: Dystopian Figures of Isaac Cordal

9. Art and Architecture: Sam van Aken and the Tree of Forty Fruit

Video via TEDx Talks on YouTube.

8. An Art Overlooked: The Making of Neon Signs

Video via West Kowloon Cultural District on YouTube.

7. Creatures of the Wind: Theo Jansen’s Strandbeesten

6. The Shadow of Innocence: Villainous by Paul Constantakis

5. Max Glaser Tests the Boundaries of Art: Progress, Defeat & Candles

4. Living in a Crack: Keret House in Warsaw, Poland

Video via DW English on YouTube.

3. Rescuing Home: Detroit’s Heidelberg Project

Video via The Heidelberg Project on YouTube.

2. Technology in the Home: The Future in Home Appliances from GE

Video via GE Appliances on YouTube.

1. From the Master’s Hand: The Making of a Japanese Ichimatsu Doll

Video via shibuya246com on YouTube.

Honorable mention goes to this wonderful video, which I enjoy very much and highly recommend.

Sensuality of Texture: Geology of Shoes

Video via Petr Krejčí on YouTube.

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