Inspiration and the Perfect Breath

This was my very first blog post. I thought I might share it with you in celebration of the inspiring, wonderful, messy, wasteful, creative process of the past six years. I have circled back to the theme of breath as Synkroniciti sees a rebirth here in 2019. Looking forward to more dancing in the future!


Public Domain Image via Pixabay Public Domain Image via Pixabay

Would you like to be more creative? How do we access the kind of inspiration that enhances and unlocks imagination?

As I begin to write this first blog post, I slow down, take a deep breath and reach for inspiration. It hits me… breath. Inspiration. These things are intertwined from their deepest roots.

The Latin word “inspirare”, “to breathe into”, was used to paint the creation of humanity, not as a dusty golem or empty thing without consciousness, but as a living creation animated by the inspiration, the breath, of God. Regardless of your religious tradition, this is a stunning poetic image. It implies that inspiration is special and unique and the same time basic and universal.

Historically, inspiration and creativity have been lauded as divine processes, processes which we cannot control. Even in the most secular circles, they remain numinous, mysterious, supernatural. For this…

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