From Home to Workplace: Finding the Spirit of Resilience after Hurricane Harvey

The theme this week is resilience. If you know my story, you probably know that my life has taught me a lot about being resilient. Having just lived through my third flood and moved on to a new home, it is an overwhelming concept for me to unpack. I’m going to reach back a little bit to the post Harvey insanity, a time when my soul still felt underwater. Over the course of this week, I hope that my thoughts and feelings will become unlocked so that I may provide new solace and understanding to those of you who need a little more resilience and inspiration in your lives.
Back to the water…



During Hurricane Harvey our home flooded for the third time, this time with a staggering amount of water… the high watermark stood at 56″. That’s 4’8″. Enough water to come up to my eye level. Thankfully we were long evacuated at that point, and were able to remove many precious items. Our grand piano flipped over, crushing the television and landing upside down on the other side of the room, the lid floating down the hallway. We are tired of flooding. The silver lining is that we will be able to move on this time.

To add to the pain of losing a home, which we were somewhat prepared for after the previous floods, my beloved work home, the Wortham Center, where I have performed in the chorus for Houston Grand Opera for 12 years, was rendered inoperable for the entire season. During past floods, it had been a place…

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