Quote for Today: Kamand Kojouri


We are told that in translation there is no such thing as equivalence. Many times the translator reaches a fork in the translating road where they must make a choice in the interpretation of a word. And each time they make one of these choices, they are taken further from the truth. But what we aren’t told is that this isn’t a shortcoming of translation; it’s a shortcoming of language itself. As soon as we try to put reality into words, we limit it. Words are not reality, they are the cause of reality, and thus reality is always more. Writers aren’t alchemists who transmute words into the aurous essence of the human experience. No, they are glassmakers. They create a work of art that enables us to see inside to help us understand. And if they are really good, we can see our own reflections staring back at us.
Kamand Kojouri

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing my work on your amazing blog, Katherine. I always read your blog posts and it was a pleasant surprise to see this one today.
    Warm regards,


    • You are so welcome! I think you are a true voice for our time and I am always comforted and pleasantly surprised when your quotes cross my themes. Thank you for your inspiration and your honesty.

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