Water from the Air: The Miracles of Warka Water

Considering the theme of water, I thought it would be appropriate to revisit this article from December 2014. Warka Water has continued to take on projects and expand since that time. Warka Water 3.2 is beng introduced in Ethiopia and Warka Water 5.0 will soon be piloted in India. Different environments require slightly different designs to maximize efficiency and productivity.
If you are near Colorado Springs, CO, “Warka Water will be exhibited at the Colorado College I.D.E.A. (InterDisciplinary Experimental Arts) Hydrologic exhibit, curated by Holly Parker, from January 18 – March 5, 2016. Arturo Vittori is the Featured Artist in Residence there and will be delivering the keynote address at the opening event on Thursday, January 21st, and will lead a workshop to construct a Warka Water tower with those in attendance later in the week.” That means a Warka tower has just gone up in the United States!
In the face of corporations continuing their grab for public water rights and profit, the Warka project is a breath of fresh air and hope.

You can read more about it on their website, http://www.warkawater.org. They are also one of three finalists for the World Design Impact prize.


Billions of people lack access to clean water and adequate sanitation. Is there anything creative people can do to help?

Girls in Tigray, Ethiopia © Rod Waddington with CCLicense Girls in Tigray, Ethiopia
© Rod Waddington with CCLicense

The picturesque and rugged high plateau region of northeast Ethiopia is a difficult land to settle. Most rivers in the north of the country flow west, finding themselves part of the Nile, while the few streams flowing through the northeast often dry up in the summer months. Villages here send their women and children to find and carry home water from shallow, unprotected ponds. These people walk for miles to procure scanty water that is frequently contaminated by animal and human waste, parasites and disease, knowing that their success or failure is the life or death of their family and community. It’s a heavy burden, physically and emotionally, and leaves little to no room for realizing individual potential or creative endeavors. The…

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