Top Ten Videos of 2015

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December 29, 2015 by katmcdaniel

2015 has been an incredibly busy year for me and for synkroniciti. We’ve been busy with Open Mics and the beginnings of our first collaborative project, Euridice Revealed, an exploration of the Orpheus and Euridice myth from a feminine point of view. I’ve managed to keep posting despite a jump in my workload as a performer, teacher and artist, as well as some recent health issues. You have responded warmly, even when all I can manage is a Quote for Today. Thanks for being here with me!

This is our first top ten list of 2015; I’ll post more in the next few days. These videos received the most hits over the past year and I think you’ll see why. If you find a video engaging, feel free to click the link above the video to read the original post.

All of these videos come from creative people that have put their work up on YouTube or Vimeo and are not produced by or affiliated with synkroniciti. I am grateful to those artists and pleased to be able to comment on and share their work.

Enjoy synkroniciti’s most viewed videos of 2015! Exciting world music, social issues, feats of athleticism and skill, animation, imaginative film making, and profound stories…they are all here for you.

10. The Mystery of Gender: Robina Asti and Flying Solo


9. Transformative Life: The Power of Imagination in Dhafer Youssef’s Whirling Birds Ceremony


8. Lovingly Carried: The Enchantment of Božo Vrećo’s Lejlija


7. Reverent Strength: The Soulful Mbira of Hope Masike: a double feature!


6. Body in Motion: Climber Natalija Gros in Le Tango Vertical


5. Obstacles from Within: Mind is a Jungle


4. Modern Creation Myth: Thoughts on Abiogenesis by Richard Mans


3. Through the Dream of a Child: Brent Bonacorso’s West of the Moon


2. In Love with a Train: The Fateful Whimsy of Pica Do 7


1. Reverence, Laughter and Disgust: Trashion by Marina DeBris


Thanks for watching and for making 2015 a great year! We’ll be picking up the pace in 2016.


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