Quote for Today: Zhuangzi


November 20, 2015 by katmcdaniel

I’ve heard my teacher say, where there are machines, there are bound to be machine worries; where there are machine worries, there are bound to be machine hearts. With a machine heart in your breast, you’ve spoiled what was pure and simple; and without the pure and simple, the life of the spirit knows no rest.
Zhuangzi, The Complete Works of Zhuangzi


2 thoughts on “Quote for Today: Zhuangzi

  1. Yang Ho says:

    This fits well with the modern world and his meaning. However, I don’t remember interpreting such modern perspective when I was reading Zhuangzi.

    • katmcdaniel says:

      Thanks! All that is old becomes new again. This is from the Burton Watson translation of Zhuangzi. The image speaks as well. I think of these quote/image pairings as duets or dialogues. I put them together and look for synchronicity. Sometimes they go in new directions.

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