Quote for Today: Yann Martel


July 19, 2015 by katmcdaniel

Guianan Cock of the Rock © Almir with CCLicense

Guianan Cock of the Rock
© Almir with CCLicense

All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways. This madness can be saving; it is part and parcel of the ability to adapt. Without it, no species would survive.

Yann Martel, Life of Pi


2 thoughts on “Quote for Today: Yann Martel

  1. mkriegh says:

    This is a good one and so true. I sometimes wonder about the outliers of any species, human especially. I used to wonder why but realized that outliers are testing the boundaries of fitness. Many of them perish on one level or another, but sometimes they have a breakthrough innovation, and that makes it worth having outliers.

    • katmcdaniel says:

      Absolutely. If no one challenges convention, nothing changes. If nothing changes, the species dies. This world requires adaptation beyond anything we can expect or plan. We can’t really afford to call anyone a weed.

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