Trash Talking: Letters From Discarded Paper, Introduction and First Set


June 4, 2015 by katmcdaniel

Synkroniciti is very excited to unveil our first online collaborative project, titled Trash Talking: Letters from Discarded Paper. It features provocative images by Michael Bogdanffy-Kriegh paired with my poetry. These poems take the form of letters from the paper objects pictured, giving them voices which range from humorous to tragic, from idealistic to cynical.

10923526_953296364688320_8656513160697412266_nMichael Bogdanffy-Kriegh is a Fine Art photographer based in Beacon, NY, USA. A registered architect in New York State holding an architecture degree from the University of Virginia, he has nourished a lifelong love for photography, embarking on a second career in that medium in 2011. His work has been featured in the 21st Annual Juried Show: Peter Urban Legacy Exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA; in Dispatches from Eternity at the Theo Ganz Studio in Beacon, NY; in Wandering Curves at the New York Center for Photographic Arts; and at the Catalyst Gallery in Beacon, NY. You can view and purchase his lovely book, Beacon Bagel, here.

Michael’s images are edgy, thoughtful and emotional. There is often an angst just below the surface that is rendered no less sharp by the quiet, meditative mood of his work. These images of paper objects carelessly discarded are full of a vague anxiety which I have sought to complement in my poetry.

Compulsion chooses; compulsion embellishes; compulsion gives meaning. In this way we become.

The objects and scenes depicted by my images are found during daily meditative walks. Images are recorded and edited as compulsion dictates. The resulting photographs sit at the intersection of observation, emotion and reflection. –Michael Bogdanffy-Kriegh, Artist Statement

Here is our first set, exploring the world of the discarded printed page. 89ykCAf9cX48vJSM3wiExxZdqNCuwvzaSo9PBwAZTUI Preview of “Paper Collaboration A” FFYLnmmbTddNl_ZHsjWYOLBd2QIboJBbdYEHkZGLJHo 5gbNCNtjU7xx0ikED3pQYoK852Elb3UkhuehG4NtPrw 20150413-016 Beacon NY f5R_8KBDChyMqGf5y8kkh9kz47RHLOxjD7Y760Ne5vI


One thought on “Trash Talking: Letters From Discarded Paper, Introduction and First Set

  1. […] You are also welcome to view the first set here. […]

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