Quote for Today: Tavia Rahki Smith


June 20, 2014 by katmcdaniel

Stellar NurseryLH 95 in the Large Magellanic Cloud Public Domain Image by NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team

Stellar NurseryLH 95 in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Public Domain Image by NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team

There are hundreds of billions of galaxies making up the universe. Earth is only one planet of billions orbiting inside just one of these 500,000 billion or more galaxies. And I myself am one person. One of over seven billion people living on our dynamic little planet. Instead of being diluted by this infinitesimal proportion I accept it as a challenge and I use science to strengthen my spirituality. It provokes curiosity and redefines my view of logical thinking. I believe that existence is based on the exchange of energy and functionality. Energy is expended to carry out varying tasks ensuring the function of an organism. This is evident in every life form and has been the founding principle supporting lifetimes of discoveries. Energy is spent with purpose. I can’t help but draw the conclusion that the energy required to create the universe itself was done so for a purpose. You and I were created with a purpose.

― Tavia Rahki Smith

8 thoughts on “Quote for Today: Tavia Rahki Smith

  1. Morgan says:

    Gorgeous! a gorgeous for each point of light! 🙂

    • katmcdaniel says:

      This might just be the most beautiful photo I have ever seen. Glad you liked it!

      • Morgan says:

        Oh I know. it reminds me of sitting in the planetarium looking up at all the points of light and just marveling 🙂

        Blessings and Happiness ~

  2. Everybody was created with purpose. But often it takes a lifetime to know the purpose..?

    • katmcdaniel says:

      A lifetime if you’re lucky. We don’t speak the language of purpose very well. Thanks for reading!

  3. Tavia Rahki says:

    Thanks for choosing one of my quotes as your quote of the day! I’m truly honored. Wow.

    • katmcdaniel says:

      You are so welcome! The sentiment of this quote is so wonderful and resonates very deeply with me. Thanks for putting your thoughts into such sincere words. I am so honored that you are pleased.

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