Expectation, Fear and Empathy: Cloud by Katherine McDaniel

Sharing new work can be both a frightening part of the creative process and a moment full of blissful surprise.

© Raymond Shobe with CCLicense

© Raymond Shobe with CCLicense

This poem tells of the swirling feelings of expectation, disappointment, and wonder that are part of putting your work on view for others. No matter how small or relatively inconsequential that piece may be, the artist identifies it as a part of himself or herself and its rejection or acceptance feels personal.

Nothing is more precious than the moment in which empathy is established between the audience and the artist. Sometimes the artist doesn’t even know that we have reached someone, but when we do find out, we can’t help but be exhilarated or moved. If a work speaks deeply to one person that is enough validation for creating it.

Thank you for reading!

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