Little Trees: Famous Bonsai from Bonsai Empire

Synkroniciti was intrigued by Diego Stocco’s Music from a Bonsai and thought we might bring you more miniature trees. This article from Bonsai Empire pictures ten of the most famous Bonsai from around the world, including an 800 year old specimen in Japan, a tiny azalea and a picture-perfect diminutive Japanese Maple. Gardening, anyone?

Bonsai is a complicated process that involves a great deal of time and patience. Many trees and shrubs can become bonsai. They are grown from seed, harvested from woodlands, or in some cases, propagated from cuttings. They are then potted and roots, branches and sometimes even trunks are pruned and trained to stay within the pot. It takes a great deal of knowledge to prune the plant properly so that it will live and assumed the desired shape. Other techniques include air layering, or forcing new roots to grow in a particular location by interrupting the plants existing root system, and grafting, or cutting a branch from different location or even a different tree into the trunk of the host plant.

If you would like to read more about Bonsai gardening, Bonsai Empire is a great place to start. For an overview of the beautiful shapes and growing styles of traditional bonsai, I highly recommend this page.

© Brisbane City Council with CCLicense

© Brisbane City Council with CCLicense

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