Mirage: Video Poetry from Synkroniciti


Holy Ghost Panel, Horseshoe Canyon, UT
Image by Katherine McDaniel

What happens when one gets lost in the desert with no way home?

The spoken word is very powerful, as are natural sounds: the sound of breath, of footsteps, of rain and wind. Mirage invites you to step into a world of distortion and hallucination, where one sound becomes another and images morph into something more. What waits within the desert canyon?


Synkroniciti is excited to unveil its first video project, a three minute video poem by Katherine McDaniel called Mirage. Video poetry is a relatively new and exciting genre that adds visual and auditory elements to the experience of reading a poem or hearing it recited. I hope you enjoy watching Mirage as much as I enjoyed making it.


One thought on “Mirage: Video Poetry from Synkroniciti

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