Making Beginnings Out of Endings, Part Two

© with CCLicense

© with CCLicense

In the light of recent events, what can the creative community do to help a culture in shock and mourning?

When I left this post open-ended I had no idea that there would be an act of violence that would cut down so many young lives. Then the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut interrupted our Friday morning with the sound of gunfire and children crying. We grieve for the adults, but the death of children is so cruel that most of us can’t wrap our minds around it. It isn’t that we think children’s lives are worth more than those of adults– it is that we know that there are so many things these children will never do. Think of families in countries where this sort of violence occurs weekly or even daily. How do they deal with it? I don’t have children and don’t know anyone involved and it makes me feel nauseous and scared. We can’t stop this pain, but if we share with each other, maybe we can help each other carry it.

Art is a gift to help us in times of trouble

If you have a moment today, draw a picture, write a poem, dance, sing, or whatever you feel called to do, in honor of these children and the adults who protected them. It doesn’t matter how good it is, if you break down in tears, or if you like the product. The act of getting it out of your head is somehow therapeutic. If you feel like sharing it, go ahead and share. When we lose our ability to communicate and empathize, we build a world in which young men shoot children to make a statement. When conversation fails, the arts and creativity can help to bridge the gap.

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